YCIS Chongqing Enjoying a Banner Year for University Acceptances

Our senior IBDP students

continue to receive offers

from universities around the world,

despite some challenging

conditions for acceptance rates,

particularly in the US market.


Many universities in the US continue to break records for the number of applicants that are applying for limited spaces. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), for example, received a record 149,000+ applications for just 12,000 spots, an acceptance rate of 8.8%. In another example, Boston University received 80,492 applications for just 3,100 seats, an admittance rate of just 10.7% (including transfer students). Even the University of Wisconsin, an excellent public university in its own right, accepted just 12% of applicants this year. Needless to say, US universities have been exceedingly difficult to gain entry to in the past few years. 


Despite this, one of our students received an offer to study at UCLA, a tremendous success for her and the school. Additionally, YCIS Chongqing enjoyed our first acceptance ever at Cal Berkeley, consistently ranked as one of the top ten universities on the planet. The UK’s Times Education Supplement ranks Berkeley at #8 on its global university rankings, while the US News and World Report ranks the school at #4 in its ‘Best Global Universities’ list! Needless to say, both these acceptances are rare and highly sought after by students and schools.

              Class of 2023

Other highlights include an acceptance at the University of British Columbia, widely regarded as one of the top two schools in Canada, along with University College London (UCL) and King’s College in the UK, both outstanding universities recognised for their excellence in research and the rigour of their programs.

United States

United Kingdom



Additionally, our students are pursuing a range of different majors or courses, among them are a sampling below:
  • East Asian Studies
  • International Relations
  • Life Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Computer Science & Applied Software Engineering
  • Various business and economics-related courses
There remain a number of universities that haven’t made offers yet, and we hope to be able to provide an additional update in a month’s time via the CUGC Corner articles available in the weekly parent newsletter.

Congratulations to our Year 13s!