St Joseph’s Cathedral Church

Chongqing is a city in southwest China famous for its production of diversity culture, history. According to history, as a wartime capital, which remains many picturesque historic architectures around the main square, even the street-side. The St Joseph’s cathedral church is one of those which located in this beautiful city.
According to the General history of Chongqing, Catholic theory was first introduced toChongqing, dating back to 1702 by the Society of Foreign Missions of Paris. As the biggest Catholic Church in Chongqing, the St Joseph was founded in 1893. It is a pseudo-Gothic brick and wood construction named after Saint Joseph.From the beginning, the people knew that this building was to be but a temporary home for the Lord until now it becomes one of the tourist attractions in Chongqing.
The society built eight churches altogether in Yuzhong District, but due to the wartime, these churches were demolished successively. And now it is the only surviving catholic church in Yuzhong District now and is also the largest church in Chongqing and eastern Sichuan.
It is located on MinshengRoad, Yuzhong District. Covering an area of 1,700 square meters total, and an area of about 500 square meters for worship, accommodating more than 1,000people.

When you arrive, you will notice the typical features of Gothic buildings,including the pointed arches of the gables, the steep pitch of the roof, high walls accented by large windows with rounded arches, clusters of columns, and decorative detailing in the brick and stone.

Strolling in the church, you will see here stands the altars, pews, confessionals,statuary organ and clock, there are two rows of large pillars supporting the cream- yellow hall roof, with lanterns hanging high and candle light reflecting.The painted statues of Jesus, the Virgin and Joseph in the center, and there are fourteen oil paintings of Jesus on both walls. There is also a costumes acrificial vessel. A bell tower with a steeple and cross was built in 1917, 36meters high, with 3 built-in bells and 1 large clock. The furnishings are elegant and gorgeous, and the atmosphere is solemn.
In2007, due to severe weathering, after completing repairs, both the exterior and interior of the church went a thorough restoration, this time, the resulting decor which is now seen is the result of these repair efforts.
Now,three masses are arranged every Sunday in Joseph Hall,mass in English is celebrated once a month.For major sacrificial activities, more than a thousand faithful come to the church to participate in mass ceremonies.
So,whether you are interested in Christianity for the first time or are looking for a new church home, even just want to see the different view, The St Joseph’s Cathedral Church welcomes you to check out at any time.

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It’s on Minsheng Road. 200 meters east to Tongyuan Gate.

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8:00 AM to 5:00PM