Ring mall

Ring Mall

-the new trends and pioneer in Chongqing

In recent years, the uncertainty of the economic situation and emerging e-commerce introduced a new shock to the retail industry. Many people are wondering and raising so many questions about what this new destination will look like, especially for large malls.

Now, traditional malls can’t meet people’s needs. When we are shopping, we don’t only think about safety and convenience, but we want the place where we shopping has its own characteristics and there’s no avoiding it- customers demand digital and technology.

Actually, there is one in Chongqing, The Ring, the Ring Mall is situated in the Liangjiang New Area district, with the 420,000 sqm of contraction area, including a super-large shopping mall and commercial street and even 5A grade office buildings which is a great example of a multi-purpose, experience-driven destination.

There is no denying that malls are nearly the same in Chongqing, but the Ring is different. Since day one, it has won numerous prizes in professional architectural insinuations and media. When entering the mall, you will be amazed by its 42-meter-tall botanic garden, sports, and culture-themed interactive spaces, and a creative tenant mix, together providing first-of-their-kind attractions to the city. According to the designer, the concept of this is to allow the visitors and customers to feel as if they have walked into a forest and let them immerse into this space and reduce pressure and anxiety.

For us, the whole idea is totally awesome, because it’s the first mall that transformed creative and environmentally friendly elements into functionality, which makes people relax while purchasing. The most amazing part of this botanic garden features three distinct themes- the Soul Tree, the Aerial Forest, and the Riverside Hills. Even the garden has a 24-meter airborne waterfall nourishing thousands of plants and also features a changing and innovative light show designed as a further spectacle to engage visitors.

Besides the botanic garden, at the top of the southeast corner, there is a double-story open book store called “Open Lab”, at the same time, on the 3rd floor, the designer build a ’small world children’ theme atrium and the a “Free+” basketball court and sports atrium on the 4th floor. Even the 5th and 6th floors are designed as areas with more external seating, shared space, causing storefronts to be set further back and opens the line of sight of the dining area.

There is an old saying that architecture should become a code-like culture. Good architecture makes a good city, and a good city makes good culture. The Ring has made it, which has achieved commercial success while being academically significant. In the end, it has met the standard of new trends and directions of architectural concepts and pushes the retail complex to new heights.


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