Mecy Apartment

high-end serial apartments

Mecy Apartments is a domestic chain of white-collar apartments, which means “beautiful habitat” and is focused on urban white-collar youth. Creating a new lifestyle and exclusive ecological community of co-living. The Quantitative Advantage of Internet Technology Zhagen and Platform Flow Based on the Rootsweb, Quickening the layout of several shops in major developed cities in China. Mecy Apartments Hand in Hand with Famous Architectural Designers at Home and abroad Standardize and standardize the decorating process in a timely fashionable space style.Standardized operational procedures to provide all-weather housekeeping services. Mecy Living Apartments create a “warm, fashionable, luxurious and intelligent” living experience for tenants, leading urban youth to open a new way of life in the era of rental.

Overcome your expectations of home!

Mecy apartments are designed to create a high-quality living environment. Developing a Habitat Index (HSI) concept and creating a long-term rental apartment. standardized processes such as domain development, products and operational services, put forward the standard of “live house” for the long-term rental apartment industry, one good apartment products should have location, space, and intelligence. five-digit standard for energy, service and circulation Urban white collar creates a new lifestyle and residential experience.

Ten Advantages of Amphibious Apartments

1.Chongqing’s only geothermal apartment, it’s spring-like all the year round.
2. Nordic Environmental Protection Brand Furniture, Strongly Accepted
3. Choose a 180-degree panoramic landing window overlooking the stars.
4. Choose your Neighborhood, the Golden Circle, and the High-end Community.
5. Full renovation, all brand home, E0 environmental protection Standard
6. Delivery by express mail, water and electricity make it easier for you to pay
7. Palm Springs High-end Community Support, Fitness Rooms, Travels Swimming pool, shopping mall, restaurant
8. Convenient transportation 24 minutes from the airport; downstairsa bus stop 200 metres
9. cleansing service Keep Your Home neat and tidy
10. Intimate Housekeeper and 24-hour Security Work

Introduction of the apartment

Room type A: 85-95 m³; one room, one hall, with heating floor: ¥ 8,500-10000 (shower/bath)

Room type B: 62 m³; Studio with heating floor rent: ¥ 5,500-6000

Room type C: 43-48 m³; open room with heating floor rent: ¥ 4,500-5000


Room type D: 100 m³; two rooms and one hall and two bathroom with heating floor rent: ¥ 10,000-12,000


The above is the annual rent (contract signing for 12 months) price; Short Term Contract Time 1-11 Month Rent Floating 10%。
Mecy Apartments currently offer concessionary rates: Delivery: 200M Independent Network, Room Maintenance, Cleanliness 2nd/monthly, express delivery, parking space, hydroelectricity and collection service


Contact person: Liu Xiao. Contact number: 4000123777