Discovering Chongqing

Discovering Chongqing

Home to one of the most diverse populations in China, Chongqing brims with opportunity and resources to help new residents settle in when compared to other major cities in China. The cityscape is quite dynamic, feathering breathtaking high rising buildings, steep mountains and bustling metro areas.

Life as an expat living in Chongqing can be challenging, especially when it comes to integrating with the locals. We know moving to a new city isn’t just about enjoying  the culture and meeting new people. Read up on all the things you need to know before you come to Chongqing.

Chongqing HistoryChongqing, also known as “Yu” for short, is a world-famous historic city with more than 3,000 years of brilliant culture. After it became the nation’s fourth municipality (also the only one municipality in western China). 

According to the Chongqing travel Guide, it is located at the confluence of the Jialing and Yangtze Rivers and is nestled among the gently sloping surrounding mountains. Although the name of the city has changed several times including Jiangzhou, Ba Shire, Chuzhou, Yuzhou and Gongzhou, kingdoms, shires, prefectures and counties. Most names involved the name Ba because this city was the center of the Ba Kingdom established by Ba ethnic groups and local aborigines who were conquered in the areas near the Yangtze, Wujiang and Jialing rivers. The Wendi Emperor of the Sui Dynasty (581-618) changed Chuzhou to Yuzhou and the mountainous city was called Yu for short for a long while. In the year of 1189, Song (960-1279) Guangzong was crowned as Gong King and the emperor of the whole country in succession. He gladly renamed Gongzhou to Chongqing meaning ‘double gaiety’.

Chongqing Language

The Chongqing Language, known as Chongqing dialect, is part of the languages, along with Mandarin, Cantonese. Even though English is not widely spoken as a second language in this dynamic city, and most of them willing to string at least a few sentences together.

Chongqing dialect, by the way which is very close to Mandarin in its accent. If you can speak Mandarin, I bet maybe you will have no difficulty in understanding this charming language.

Main districts in Chongqing

The city, Chongqing, is huge and constantly growing so it can be difficult to decide where to live. Each district shows its own distinct feel, and there are several main districts for the expats to decide where to live.There is one thing need to say is much of Chongqing is connected by the Chongqing rail transit system. When it comes to moving, We always say location, location, location is important, So, being close to a rail transit is an important factor for many deciding where to live.

Yuzhong DistrictYuzhong district – the oldest downtown – is the most popular destination for expats and travelers to visit, though as the most prosperous district in Chongqing, it is not on the radar of many locals moving to this area. But it should be. Known as the must-see in Chongqing, it resembles a strip, a peninsula between two rivers.Jiefangbei, the busiest commercial center in Yuzhong, features the Jiefangbei Memorial, which stands in the center of the Times Square pedestrian area.

Jiangbei District

Beibuxinqu – New North Zone
Baibuxinqu (New North Zone), as its name, which means on the new and, compared with Yuzhong and Jiangbei district, it has a relatively new area but with big expat population.One reason that could account for the new zone has attracted a number of Major IT and electronics companies, such as Microsoft, Fujitsu, ABB, Honeywell, Tencent and Baidu. Nevertheless, the International education also plays an important key in this area.

There are also some other main districts, such as Shaping Ba district, Nan’an district , Jiulong Po district, Ba’nan district,Dadu Kou district and Beibei district.

Cost of living in ChongqingThe cost of living in Chongqing is relatively reasonable compared to other one-tier cities in China. We have to admit though our public transport, healthcare, education resources and even the shopping areas are significantly less than Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou, in terms of quality of life and well-being, Chongqing ranks above average in the official index.The cost of living in Chongqing generally depends on your lifestyle, if you want to live in this charming and dynamic city, you should dig it up on the internet, do some researches, you will find compared with other cities, Chongqing is typically lower,  but the salaries also reflect that. According to the data, the average disposable income for per-capita is Just 15,735RMB (2,393 US dollars) in the first half of the year.

If you’re moving to this city, have you thought about how to send to your furniture, other household appliances in a reasonable and smart way? We have already thought ahead of you.

Whether you’re moving from USA, UK or the other poles of the Earth, there are many relocation options to move to Chongqing while ensure every pieces of your belongings arrive safely.

Shipping your belongs to Chongqing, there are so many choices you can do, such as air, ship and transit. But we highly recommend you to send these via air freight, though is expensive, and it’s often the best and safest way to avoid damages.

If you don’t want your move to turn into a full time job, we know, relocation can be a tiring and tedious thing when we talk about it in our daily life, then hiring a relocation company to deal with your problem.

Once you settled, you can enjoy this beautiful city and take a short trip to know more and explore more about this area.

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