YCIS Chongqing Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival 金秋送桂香,趣味迎佳节

At YCIS Chongqing we are always looking for opportunities to celebrate traditional Chinese festivals in a unique way, while still maintaining the importance of these events within our calendar.

秋风送爽,丹桂飘香。近日,许多别具特色的中秋艺术作品点缀了重庆耀中国际学校的校园。Chongqing International School

This year our students have showcased their respect and recognition of Chinese culture as well as their good wishes to the people they miss and love, through creative designs and artwork throughout the campus.


Our Primary students focused on ‘The full moon brings reunion’ in doing so they experienced an array of celebrations in their classrooms.


From lantern and rabbit making to calligraphy and pendant design, along with some letter writing, they even dug into the origin of the Mooncake!


It was the ‘Mooncake design competition’ that got most of our students talking as this was an opportunity to bring our school community together with students and parents collaborating on the design. Students from different countries and regions were able to incorporate their own cultural and international background into the design.


Students from all year levels selected various ways to celebrate the festival, while also learning about its history and culture significance. This experience then encouraged them to express their best wishes to their family, friends, and people around the world!