Strategic Alliance

On 8 :00 PM, Friday,13 November 2020, Marked as important milestone in the development of luxury estate in Chongqing at Orchid Garden Life Aesthetics Pavilion, in a signing ceremony, the Space relocation and Green Town property announced a strategic alliance to partnership to deepen their cooperation in foreign- related leasing industry in Chongqing.

The two parties are Green Town and Space Relocation, represented respectively by Mr Liu, the sales director of Orchid Garden property project and Mrs Qin, the director of Space Relocation.

The two sides expressed their recognition of – and hopes for – this cooperation, and successfully completed the signing ceremony, and at the same time Mrs Qin awarded “the Benchmark of new foreign-related leasing” banner to Orchid Garden.

As the real estate industry is now going through major transitions, the ceremony between both parties has broken the dilemma of no definition. It is the first action to raise the standard of luxury house and has been regarded as an unprecedented news in this industry.

Company review

Space Relocation
Space Relocation is one of the most well-known real estate company and has won first Choice for Fortune 500 in Chongqing China in recent years. It is dedicated to supporting individuals and companies for all their migration and relocation needs. Headquartered in Chongqing in 2015 and expand its footprint with 1 office in Chengdu in 2018. Composed of experienced professionals who are engaged in relocation service in 2 cities; it has a great deal of experience with helping expats to settle down in the area and provide ideal home as well as the services necessary for ensuring a smooth relocation.

Orchid Garden
Orchid Garden, the first project which is governed by Green Town. Located in No.77, Qilong Road, Yubei District, Chongqing, it was created with the idea of enriching residents’ lifestyles in mind.
it is surrounded by subway lines, hospitals, 2 international schools, and kindergartens and has been regarded as the pioneer of luxury apartment in Chongqing.
All rooms have central heating, auto ventilation system, and a kitchenette. Its blend of spacious apartments, top-tier amenities and facilities, practical features, and beautiful views make your day extraordinary.