Real-World Medical Immersion | 今天,他们解锁了一个新身份

The YCYW Super-Curricular Programmes (SCP) are revolutionizing education by empowering students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


Recently, seven secondary students from YCIS Chongqing embarked on an extraordinary journey, joining forces with peers from across our network of YCYW schools throughout Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong SAR for the YCYW Medical Immersion Programme. Held at Chongqing Raffles Hospital from January 15-19, the programme provided unique experiences to students to work with medical professionals in a world-class hospital environment.


During their time at Raffles Hospital, students received extensive training, including workshops on cardiology, emergency, laboratory, First Aid and CPR, from doctors and other medical experts. Unique to YCYW, students also worked in small groups to explore medical cases using cutting-edge AI assistants over the weekend, examining medical histories, pathology reports and medical scans. At the conclusion of the programme, the groups presented their research, findings and diagnoses to a panel.


The programme also featured lunches with senior physicians, providing a rare opportunity to ask questions about life as a doctor, challenges and further opportunities for gaining entry to the medical field, whether as a doctor, medical professional like physiotherapy, medical technologies or the leadership and management of hospitals.


Dr. Christopher Hurley the programme’s supervisor and YCYW’s Head of Ed Futures Division said:

项目负责老师、耀中耀华未来教育部主管 Hurley博士说到:

“We are truly passionate about providing our young people with opportunities to explore new areas, experience the real world, and connect with experts from various industries, both locally and globally. By doing so, we aim to help them envision the future, develop essential skills like networking and critical thinking, and foster unstructured problem-solving abilities across diverse fields.”


Once again, the Programme is a testament to the innovative and immersive educational opportunities offered by the YCYW Super-Curricular Programmes. By exposing students to genuine environments and cutting-edge technology, YCYW fosters the discovery of students’ true interests and enhances their academic skills, nurturing them to become well-rounded global citizens.