Global Doctor Chongqing International Medical Center

Global Doctor Chongqing International Medical Center
Excellent primary medical care. Global Doctor Chongqing was established in 2004. It was the first medical care provider with general practice and family medicine to the Chongqing expatriate communities and local residents. Through the clinical expertise that we have practised for many years, and rich experience in taking good care of our patients earned Global Doctor Chongqing a solid reputation with enhanced medical service.

Chongqing Medical treat

Equipped with the most advanced medical technology, and staffed by a multilingual international team of highly skilled health care professionals with 10 different working languages which makes the treatment process smooth, relaxed and personalized. We provide exceptional healthcare and support through high quality service to our patients.Well cooperation with 3A hospitals, which opens up a “green channel” for our patients to see the specialist. Global Doctor Chongqing ensures every patient receives the highest standards of international quality care, this is the “key” for our customers.

Telephone:+86(23)6308 5550

Address: Suit2, F3, No.343 Jinkai Avenue, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing


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